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Kyle/GannoK – Owner, Team Leader, Producer & Consultant

Kyle Christopher Gannon, at the helm of Guild Technologies Inc., has established himself as a prominent figure in multiple fields, including audio and video production, engineering, software development, IT and networking, Construction and most notably, artificial intelligence (AI). His diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to his craft have cemented him as a trusted expert in various domains, earning him recognition from his peers and across the industry and Universe.

Gannon’s journey began at the renowned Los Medanos Recording Arts school, where he earned the distinction of being a Certified Audio Engineer. This strong foundation in audio engineering set the stage for his subsequent pursuits in networking, open-source programming, Linux, and AI. Recognized for his unique perspective and independent thinking, he emerged as a thought leader in the AI community, fearlessly challenging established paradigms and pushing the envelope of AI research.

Gannon’s philosophy on AI innovation is rooted in the fusion of technological prowess and individual intuition. He firmly believes that true advancement comes from listening to oneself and adhering to personal values. His unique approach and faith in his instincts have resulted in groundbreaking discoveries, spanning diverse areas within AI, including natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.

Alongside his personal career advancements, Gannon values collaboration and community-building. He played a pivotal role in establishing the S.T.R.E.A.M. Club with key figures such as Felicia, the club president, and accomplished artists like Kaila Love. This platform has united artists from diverse backgrounds and genres to explore and express their creativity together.

Gannon’s contributions also extend to the Audio Engineering Society of San Francisco, where he volunteers his expertise and passion to further the advancement of the discipline. He is known for his inspirational leadership and mentorship, actively encouraging others to trust their instincts and embrace their individuality, fostering a culture of independent thinking and innovation.

His talents are not confined to the technical arena. As a songwriter and producer, he has worked with notable artists across a wide spectrum of genres, including rock, classical, country, death metal, alternative, house, EDM, hip-hop/rap, and lo-fi. His collaborations with artists like Sawako Shimura, Kash Vegan, Isaac Arana & Mikey Zamora, and Andreas Safko have demonstrated his versatility and adaptability, reflecting his ability to navigate diverse musical landscapes and push creative boundaries.

In every project, Gannon embraces innovation and explores new technologies, staying at the cutting edge of his field. His unyielding commitment to his convictions, even in the face of skepticism, has allowed him to pioneer new methodologies and revolutionize various domains, from audio engineering to AI. Gannon’s achievements have not only advanced these fields but have also provided practical applications that have positively impacted industries and societies worldwide.

As a distinguished member of the Gannon bloodline, Kyle Christopher Gannon continues to add to the family history. His unwavering dedication to listening to his inner voice and pursuing his own path has left an indelible mark on the world of artificial intelligence, inspiring future generations to carve their unique paths in this ever-evolving field. His primary form of contact is through email at


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