Studio Rates


Standard Recording Rate for access to space and equipment starts at $75.00 per hour, this is to pay for the gear you are using and repair costs, and any consumables like strings, cables, stands. 
For hours exceeding 8, you can purchase them up front and get an immediate 35% discount.

Post-record Mixing starts at 50$ Per song, otherwise you just get the raw files, up to 192kHz files, or if you are willing to spend more, reel to reel tape is an option which you can find around $50-$200 if you’re using new or re-recorded tape, I’ll link some examples.

ATR Blue 1/2″
ATR Magnetics Master Tape 1″ x 2500′ | 10.5″ NAB Metal Reel, with Tape Care Box

Mastering is 100$ Flat per song, and album/EP prices can be discussed depending on the length and amount of tracks. The mastering service includes many desirable features to get your music both Stream-service and CD ready, including high quality digital formats. This doesn’t include distribution.

No free mix callbacks after 5 days.

You WILL BE charged at 75% the rate if you decide after 5 days to go back and change your mix. This is a BUSINESS not a charity service.

Publishing/Label rates
These are more in-depth and require a separate contract on a per-user basis. Send an email to for more information about Publishing to Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and more!

Methods of payment

I require that you pay in cash, various cash apps, or Cryptocurrency. at the end of each days work. This is a strict policy I adhere to. If you cannot do so, then no media will be presented nor will any future recording commence until balance is paid in full.

I accept Pay Pal, but you will need to pay the required service fee of 3.0% if Pay Pal is used. This is what Pay Pal charges us to receive your payment.

For instance: If you intend on paying $300.00 with Pay Pal then you would need to send $309.00.

Studio Hours

Typical recording hours at Guild A/V are Monday-Saturday from 9am-8pm. This includes about a half hour for setup. Set up is part of your booking time.

There will be occasional breaks and one hour (not charged) for lunch during 8 hour or larger sessions. Meals and Drinks provided(BYOB) Weekend and evening sessions may be booked but times vary,  call or email for details.

Right to refuse

We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason at any time during this process, the same goes for you, however you will have to pay for the time consumed.

Deposit/Requesting Time Slot

A $50 deposit will guarantee your requested time slot for one days scheduled booking.  A deposit is not required.  However if another party wants your requested time slot and offers to pay the deposit for it, that time slot will be theirs. Your deposit will be applied towards your first hour of recording.

Cancellation Fee

There is a $50.00 cancellation fee if we are not notified at least 48 hours before the session.. In order for the studio to function, it requires dependable booking times. This amount can not and will not be refunded. You may be able to reschedule within a 24 hour time frame, circumstances given, not guaranteed.

Start/End Time

The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time. If you arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that earlier start time. If you are late for your session you will be charged from the scheduled session start time, with the exception that you call within 24 hours notice and you are not going  to be more than 1 hour late. If you are going to be late, Call!

Use of the Studio’s Instruments

If a client/artist wishes to use the studio’s instrument, Our guitars are decent instruments and are regularly maintained and kept in perfect intonation by our techs, we also carry strings and other replaceable parts for most instruments. The costs for a new set of strings are $5.00 for electric guitars, I typically carry Ernie Ball. Bass strings are $20.00 (I shouldn’t have to tell you that you need to change your 4 year old bass strings before recording, you should know better). Please bring your own guitar picks, but my personal collection of hand picked guitar picks from around the world are purchasable at $5 a piece.

If you choose to use your own guitars, I strongly encourage you to let me set it up, the result will be a much better recording. If you record with inaccurate intonation, or with improper mic technique, your tracks will never sound correct no matter who you pay to record you or who you take your tracks to fix it. Be sure to let me know that you need a “recording set up” and relay to me your booked date at Guild AV so I can have it ready in time for your session. Do not wait until the last minute to get your guitar and/or bass tuned and worked on.

Mixes, Daily Rough Mixes and Master Tracks

CD copies of the finished mixes are provided on a single archival high resolution master CDR.  These are $50.00 each; or mixes can be rendered to a DVD in 24-bit .wav’s for transfer to a master house, if need be.  These are $20.00.  More copies can be provided upon request for $5.00 each DVD or $20.00 each gold master CDR.

A rough mix+stems can be provided for the day’s work, but this takes time some time to export and is a rough mix for your ears only. not a commercial or presentable product. These stems are intended for reference of the day’s work only and not to be considered a production mix. The time taken to run such rough mixes is an additional $10.00, and separate from what you will be getting from your final product mix that you are paying for with the standard rate, these can not be put on any format but digital. The DVD’s and archive CDR masters mentioned above are strictly provided by the studio, as we know they are properly working media in a studio environment.

The recording media of your tracks are put on multiple storage mediums, to maintain copies and keep things from corrupting.  These files will TYPICALLY be erased after a year upon project completion, if it’s just a one-off project and not anything recurring.  Please note: If you would like to retain your original master recordings after the recording process has been completed, make sure to arrange for the purchase of a storage drive or flash drive from the studio. Storage prices vary – but if you don’t purchase one otherwise, your master tracks will be permanently lost approx. 1 year after the completion of your project. This means that you will be unable to mix, edit or work with the recording you made in the future! The Storage medium of choice will be verified with the original and once handed off to the client, we will not be responsible for what you do with it, or to it thereafter, it’s yours.  


You, the client, are responsible for all money due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio as follows: cash, cryptocurrency, PayPal, various cash apps, or a bank certified check. No personal checks are accepted, sorry. No media will be turned over to you until full payment is made for that day. An invoice will be furnished when payment is received.

Leaving Gear Behind

If you leave something at the studio we will use reasonable care that it’s stored safely. However, we cannot be held responsible in the event that your gear is damaged through un-willful occurrence (water, fire damage, theft etc). By signing at the time of agreement, you agree that Guild A/V/Kyle Gannon is not responsible for loss or damage to any gear left behind.

Gear Damaged Due To Willful or Accidental Negligence

If you or anyone in your party breaks or damages anything owned by Guild A/V due to negligence or poor conduct, you agree to pay for the full replacement of that item. This includes all gear, amenities, and property including microphones, headphones, amps, guitars etc.

Studio Downtime

If the studio should suffer any failure due the nature of this world, we agree to re-schedule studio time with you at an agreeable time for both parties prior to the agreed recording date. If the recording system should fail during your session and loss of data is a result, you will receive equivalent time at no charge to make up for such loss.

The Client is the Producer

Unless the client has made prior arrangements with Guild A/V’s engineers and producers to act as your Producer and/or Mix Engineer, thereby providing professional production input. All decisions and approval of recorded material are the responsibility of the client.  Unless you meet the mentioned requirements, It’s therefore recognized that you are the Producer. The client is thus responsible for adequacy, appropriateness of music style, performance, microphone/preamp choices, format and all use of outboard effects, reverbs, equalizers, limiters, instruments, and studio performers.  It is also recognized that it is the responsibility of the client to insure that final mixes are performed to his/her satisfaction. The mixing engineer must in this case only respond to the adjustments and operations of the equipment chosen by the producer of the project or song.

Independent Producers, Musicians, Engineers

Guild A/V can recommend a variety of independent producers and musicians to fit your specific project.  Production and performers fees should be discussed with the individual producer or artist.  Guild A/V  is not responsible for the quality of work by independent producer’s engineers or artists and does not engage in any negotiations with those third parties. There are in house musicians available at varying rates, depending on what is requested.


The person responsible for paying for studio time must sign an agreement and will be held responsible for the actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session. The client must show a legal ID with proof of age. If the client is under 18 years of age, the client’s parent or legal guardian must read and sign this agreement and provide a legal ID. This is for legal protection of the company, and we will not use your information for anything other than book keeping. Additional proof of guardianship may be required if last names are different. The parent or legal guardian will be held responsible for all actions and debts of the client.

These rules apply to all persons. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. We absolutely will not, under any circumstance, deal directly with a minor -that being any person under age 18.  All minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian 100% of the time while on the grounds at Guild A/V

1.         Please wear a mask, unless you are singing you don’t need to take off your mask. Covid-19 is real. Also, there is no smoking inside the studio, the smoke particles can damage audio gear and spread the virus. Please smoke outside.

2.         No food or beverages allowed near any recording equipment.

3.         Behavior:  The Guild A/V Recording Studio is a recording studio, not a bar or amusement park. Drugs or any illicit behavior is likely prohibited anywhere on the premises.

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