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Guild Technologies is committed to delivering the highest quality of sound production services. Our services span from recording and mixing, to mastering and even publishing. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our rates.

Studio Recording

Our standard recording rate starts at $125.00 per hour. This covers the use of our studio space and equipment, including repair costs and consumables such as strings, cables, and stands. If you need more than 8 hours of studio time, we offer an upfront package with a 35% discount.

Post-Record Mixing

Post-record mixing starts at $50 per song. If you opt out of this service, you’ll receive the raw files, up to 192kHz. For those seeking a more vintage sound, we also offer reel-to-reel tape recording, inquire for more.


Our mastering service is unique per song. We also offer discounted rates for album/EP mastering, with prices varying based on the length and number of tracks. Our mastering process ensures your music is ready for both streaming services and CD distribution. Please note, distribution is not included in this service.

Publishing/Label Rates

For those interested in publishing their music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and more, we provide a bespoke service that requires a separate contract. Please email for more information!

Studio Hours

Our typical recording hours are from 9am-8pm, Monday to Saturday. This includes about a half hour for setup, which is part of your booking time. For longer sessions, we provide occasional breaks and a one-hour lunch break (not charged). Weekend and evening sessions may be available, please contact us for more details.

Booking Policy

To secure your booking, we ask for a $50 deposit. If you need to cancel, please inform us at least 48 hours before the session to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.


Payment is due at the end of each day’s work, in cash, cryptocurrency, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or various cash apps. If you choose to pay via PayPal or any other payment processor that includes fees, please include an additional 3.0% to cover the service fee.

Equipment Use

If you wish to use our instruments, we have a range of well-maintained guitars available. The cost for a new set of strings is $5.00 for electric guitars and $20.00 for bass guitars. Please bring your own guitar picks.

Mixes & Master Tracks

CD copies of the finished mixes are available for $50.00 each. Alternatively, we can render the mixes at higher bit rates and formats for an additional fee.


The client is considered the Producer, responsible for all decisions and approval of recorded material. This includes the choice of music style, performance, microphone/preamp, format, and use of outboard effects.

Independent Producers, Musicians, Engineers

We can recommend a variety of independent producers and musicians to suit your project. Please note, Guild Technologies is not responsible for the quality of work by independent producers, engineers, or artists.

Studio Etiquette and Agreement

When you are on site, please wear a mask unless you are singing. There is no smoking inside the studio and no food or beverages are allowed near any recording equipment. We reserve the right to refuse service, and bill anyone not adhering to these rules.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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